Weekly Newsletter

St. Paul’s with St. Agatha’s, Woldingham

Sunday, 4th October 2020

Harvest Festival and St. Francis of Assisi

Services for Sunday 4th October

We shall be holding services in both churches on Sunday 4th October and look forward to welcoming you to St. Paul’s and St. Agatha’s.

9am Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion at St. Agatha’s

10am Parish Eucharist at St. Paul’s

If you wish to attend and have not yet done told us, please contact Maureen Westmarland to let us know, so that we can ensure that we keep to the required maximum number to maintain social distancing.

Maureen can be reached on:

01883 345868 or mmwestmarland@waitrose.com

You will have received details of the hygiene precautions being put into place to keep everyone safe; please follow the instructions given by the warden or sidespeople when you attend services. Orders of service are attached to this email.

Test and Trace GDPR Consent Form and QR Certificate

The consent form for the Test and Trace scheme is attached to the email accompanying this newsletter for those who wish to allow their details to be passed onto the scheme in case of any infection among those attending church services. Please return it to either church next time you come to a service if you wish to take part.

In addition, each church now has a QR certificate assigned to it. This enables you to check in using your smart phone on entering the church – please ask the warden or sidespeople if you need help with this.

The wearing of face coverings is now mandatory in churches unless you have are exempted. Disposable masks, along with disposable gloves and hand sanitiser, are available in both churches. Please follow the notices and sidespersons’ instructions to ensure that we adhere to the correct safety procedures in our churches.

Online service for 4th October

We appreciate that not everyone will feel ready to return to church at this stage, whilst others will need to remain in isolation for now. There will therefore be a recorded Eucharist available from 9am on Sunday 4th October, This can be accessed through the link: https://youtu.be/mcWrOiNTYWM and also through the Woldingham Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/woldingham/The service booklet and hymn sheet for this service are attached to the email accompanying this newsletter.

Footsteps by Zoom – the Footsteps group will be meeting on Zoom at 11.30am today, The service includes a video for Harvest Festival made by Footsteps members, which we hope to post onto our YouTube channel after the service.

The National Virtual Service for Sunday 4th October.

The service will be available from 9am on Sunday and can be watched on YouTube, Facebook or the Church of England website.

Opening of St. Agatha’s for private prayer

St. Agatha’s will be open for private prayer once again during the coming week. The opening times will be as shown below; those visiting will need to use hand sanitiser and observe social distancing and other safety precautions.

St. Agatha’s Opening times for the coming week

Sunday 4th October 9.30am-5pm; Wednesday 7th October, 9.30am-5pm

Repainting of St. Paul’s Baptistery

Following the repair work on St. Paul’s tower last year, and delays caused by the pandemic, we are now hoping that the repainting work in the Baptistery will commence on 12th October. That area of the church will therefore be out of use for the next few weeks. We look forward to this completion of the Tower Project and to the area around the font being restored to its proper state.

The coming week

We shall be holding services in both St. Agatha’s and St. Paul’s on Sunday 11th October. Please let Maureen Westmarland know if you wish to attend so that we can adhere to social distancing guidelines and make arrangements for additional services if necessary. Links for weekday services will be circulated as they become available during the week and that for the recorded Sunday Eucharist will be circulated with the newsletter next weekend.

Caterham Food Bank

We are continuing to collect items for the Caterham Food Bank during the remainder of October. The current list of the most urgently required items is:

Long life sponge pudding, Instant mash potato, Jam, Hand sanitiser, Soap, Washing up liquid, Toothbrushes

Please note that the Food Bank has plenty of UHT milk, nappies, toilet rolls, feminine hygiene products and pasta at present. We shall be receiving goods each Sunday at St. Paul’s and you can also leave in the church porch during the week.

For your prayers:

Please pray for those who have requested our prayers:

Terry, Brenda, Tim Tupper, Veronika, Pamela Mumford, Oliver Briscoe, Jessie and Gill Weetman, Neale France, Tony Hogan and Vic Wrixon.

Caterham Churches Together Morning Prayer

The Wednesday morning (8.30 am) prayer group has now reverted to meeting in person, and during October the services will be taking place at St. Mary’s Church, Caterham. Do come and join Christians from several local churches in this joint act of prayer and worship.

Caring for people at this time of crisis

With the renewed restrictions to try to limit the spread of Coronavirus, people may be more in need of help and support once again. Please contact Janet Tyler (01883 652264), Alison Mead (01883 652580) or Revd. Catherine (01883 652192) if you need help at any stage. Please do also let me have any additional prayer requests, so that these can be included in the daily offices I’m saying from the Rectory. People’s mental as well as their physical health can be affected by enforced isolation and the Church of England has produced some resources which may be of use if anyone you know is struggling in this respect: they can be accessed at: cofe.io/MentalHealth


Village organisation #viralkindenssWoldingham is also actively involved in caring for those in any kind of need during the pandemic.

24/7 contact number: 07803 094505; Email: viralkindness.woldingham@gmail.com

60 volunteers are working in each road, and they are also working with Tandridge District Council, Surrey County Council and also have a telephone buddy system.

In addition, they are helping the UK Gov with the ‘extremely vulnerable’ category at this time.

Safeguarding Contact details

Team Vicar: The Revd Dr Catherine Dowland-Pillinger

Telephone: 01883 652192; email: rev.catherine1@googlemail.com

Church Warden and Safeguarding Officer: Mrs. Maureen Westmarland

Telephone: 01883 345868; email: mmwestmarland@waitrose.com

Safeguarding Officer: Mrs. Alison Mead

Telephone: 01883 652580; email: allymarge@hotmail.com

Diocesan Safeguarding Officer: Kate Singleton

 E-mail: kate.singleton@southwark.anglican.org

Phone 020 7939 9423 and Mobile 07982 279713 (for urgent matters out of hours)