Prayer Resources

There are many on-line sites where prayers, aids to prayer and other resources can be found. A few useful links are given below;

Please see the Church of England Daily Prayer webpage.

Also there is access to the seasonal, Saints days and special Festival collects or prayers to be found at Worship Collects and Post-communion prayers

Another link which may be useful both for private prayer and for those preparing intercessions for our Eucharists is Topical Prayers

Additionally, a selection of prayer resources have now been placed at the back of the church.  These can be useful to help you with your regular prayer, or for those who wish to take part in the intercessions in preparing these.  Please speak to Rita, Shelagh or Catherine if you need any more information or have any suggestions.

Praying for the sick in the intercessions

In the light of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation, which came into effect earlier this year, we have been advised that when naming the sick in the intercessions in our services, only first names should be used. You may have noticed this starting to happen already, and it will be the standard practice in future,

Also, when accepting names to be added to the list of those for whom intercessions are being asked, we are now required to keep a record of the requests and the people making them. Permission from the person being prayed for themselves or a close relative is required, so if you wish us to pray for a friend or neighbour, please make sure that you obtain this and let us know from whom you have done so. Requests for prayers for the sick may be given to Catherine, Rita, Judy or Maureen, who will ensure that the list is kept up-to-date and available to the intercessors.

The GDPR will require other changes to our procedures in the coming months; you will be informed of them as they are introduced. Our privacy policies are already available to view on the parish website: