Footsteps is a craft and activity group for children of all ages.  We meet in the church room/hall at St Paul’s, Woldingham, normally three times each month – but sometimes more often.

The sessions are designed to appeal to children of all ages.  We have three main types of Footsteps events:

On the first Sunday of the month: we have an 11.30am Footsteps service.  It lasts for about 30 minutes and is child-focussed (although all are welcome).  The service includes some music, a story and a craft activity.  There is a blessing, but no Eucharist.

On the first Friday of the month: we have a Footsteps Coffee Morning drop in session.  It runs from 08.30 – 10.30am.  Come and join us in the Church Room just after the school run, on the first Friday of each month in term time.  Coffee, cake and crafts for the adults; toys and activities for the children.

On the third Sunday of the month: we have Footsteps during the 10.00am Eucharist.  The children leave the service almost immediately, after the first hymn (and latecomers are welcome to come straight to the church room, to join us).  We then spend about an hour listening to a story and taking part in various activities – many of them craft related.  The children and their leaders return to the church for Communion and the remainder of the service.  There are toys at the back of the church and happy bags as well, for those (many) children who do not want to stop playing once they are back in the service!

In general, parents tend to accompany their children into the Footsteps sessions and stay throughout.  The adults enjoy the chance to catch up with their friends and it is a good opportunity for people to make new friends when they move to the area or have a baby.  But when Footsteps falls during a Sunday morning service, parents are welcome to leave their children with the Footsteps leaders and stay in church for the service themselves.

Footsteps and the children and parents who attend give a lot of support to a number of charities.  For example, we fund raise and collect for locally based charities Eusebia Hope Foundation and Delight Charity as well as for larger organisations such as The Children’s Society.

Please feel free to just come along and join in at any stage.  If you would like to know more, please contact Victoria on 07970 509768 or