APCM Reports for 2017

Listed below are links to the reports from committees to the Annual Parish Church Meeting due to take place on Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 8.00pm

Worship Committee Report 2017

St Paul Buldgs Rept2018

Social Committee Report for the APCM 2018

Safeguarding Report2018

Report to the APCM on the work of the Publicity, Communications and Welcome Committee, 2017 (1)

FOOTSTEPS 2018 APCM report

APCM 2017 Deanery Synod

Report to the APCM on the MAP 2017-2018

Community Questionaire 2018 Summary of Responses.2


The signed Annual Accounts for 2017 are here  Accounts_2017_signed

In due course, after these have been considered and approved by the APCM, they will be moved to an archive page for 2017.  Reports and Accounts for prior years can be looked at from earlier dated archive pages.